Sonrise Development in
Lake Arrowhead


Save Rimwoods, Stop Sonrise


Letters from Our Community

Law firm newsletter article on COW

"SMW Clients Defend Rare Habitat in the San Bernardino Mountains..."

Legal Documents to the County

Key legal arguments about this location and inadequacies of final environmental impact report.

Appeal from Local Ecologist

Highly regarded ecologist expresses concerns regarding the Church of the Woods Project.

Letter from
Local Resident, Ms. Taylor

"... Once leveled and paved, the pristine forest and all life in it will vanish from our beloved mountain forever..."

Letter from Local Resident, Ms. Lori S.

"Sixteen and one half acres of forested Little Bear Creek drainage ...will be clear cut."

Comment to Board of Supervisors Appeal

USFS Certified Wildlife Biologist (TWS),
Steve Loe 

Comment to Board of Supervisors Appeal

San Bernardino Valley

Audubon Society


Letters to the Editor

Letter from S. Walker

Letter from Smith

Letter from S. Noone

Letter from Bob