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One to Watch: Nestle Water

A study into the issue of an expired Special Use Permit that continues to authorize the operation of a private water collection system located in the San Bernardino National Forest that allows Nestlé Waters North America (Nestlé or NWNA) to collect spring water on a year-round basis from Strawberry Creek that infiltrates into collection tunnels or horizontal wells and is transported through 4.5 miles of 4” steel water transmission pipes located on National Forest Service lands to storage tanks located on private land. From 1947-2015, a total of 4,247,454,000 gallons of spring water has been transported from these storage tanks by truck to be bottled and sold as Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water. Special Use Permits from the Forest Service for this system date back to 1929 when the quantity of spring water extracted was not recorded.

Nestle Water: News


Nestlé Negotiating Equity Buyout Of Arrowhead H2O Operations

San Bernardino County Sentinel

Nestlé has been reported to be in negotiations with One Rock Capital Partners, LLC , a private equity firm...

One Rock Capital Partners and Metropoulos & Co. to Acquire Nestlé...

Cision PR Newswire

One Rock Capital Partners, LLC & Metropoulos & Co., has entered into agreement to purchase Nestlé Waters North America...

 Report of Investigation, INV 8217, Nestle Waters North America

As a result of multiple letters to the SBVMWD they are taking some legal action to put the new owner on notice about questionable water rights on our San Bernardino National Forest.

Open Letter About Environmental Impacts of Nestle Water

In my 30+ years working on the San Bernardino National Forest and having Strawberry Creek in my work area, the Nestle permit and Strawberry Creek came up multiple times...

Nestle Water: Files

Nestle Settlement

Federal officials and conservation groups reached an agreement today that will
finally end Nestlé Corp.’s ability to rely on a permit that expired 30 years ago to siphon water from the San Bernardino National Forest for its massive bottled-water operation.

Response to the Report of Investigation Nestle Waters North America

"...Secondly,  the over appropriation of water by Nestle has likely had an adverse impact on fish and wildlife in the Strawberry Creek watershed."

State Water Resources Control Board

Letter regarding Nestle Water Diversion reported as groundwater extractions and diversions from springs.

League of Women Voters

League of Women Voters announces formal position on proposed Nestle Waters special use permit.

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