Plans have been submitted with the SB County Land Use Services Dept to begin construction on a meeting/dining facility, part of a 24 bed women’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility.  This 31 acre property located at 341 S. State Hwy 173, Lake Arrowhead (B 201506684 and P201500556) is the site of the former Camp Komoroff, minimally developed, and long in disuse with reversion to a relatively natural state.
The property is a beautifully wooded canyon with a natural spring and creek that originates on the property and which flows into Lake Arrowhead. The property supports significant wildlife including bears, coyotes, bobcat, spotted own and flying squirrel, as well as pines, firs, dogwood, cedar, willows and Humboldt Lillies.

A Mountain News article on June 18, 2015, describes the purchased and planned development by Rock Ridge Resources, Inc., the parent company of Serenity Lodge, which has caused significant disturbance in the Crest Park neighborhood.  The Serenity Lodge project is still under orders from the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board for violations of environmental law in our local neighborhood.

A recent inquiry with Land Use Services contact Chad Nottingham revealed that a Planning Application has been submitted, but that the application was deemed incomplete, and returned to the applicant with the requirement to obtain Planning approval for the proposal.

Your comments to Lewis Murray, District Representative to our Supervisor Janice Rutherford ( , and Chad Nottingham (909-387-4537) are valuable in expressing your concern about the potential lack of County Planning oversight on this large parcel and significant development.

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