Sonrise Development

Little Bear Impact

Even though our last rainfall in the Lake Arrowhead communities was April 2020, over six months ago, this video shows current creek flow.  Little Bear Creek originates on the Church of the Woods property in Rimforest and is a perennial stream terminating in Lake Arrowhead.  This stream increases in size tremendously during winter and spring snow and rain events and provides 50-66% of inflow to Lake Arrowhead (personal communication from Ralph Wagner, the recognized authority on Lake Arrowhead) .  The proposed development with its 311 parking spaces (even though the County of SB only requires 200), mountaintop removal and grading of slopes over 30% ,  will lead to erosion siltation into Lake Arrowhead and deterioration of water quality .  Little Bear Creek provides unique riparian habitat that scarcely exists in our San Bernardino Mountains, while supporting endangered plant and animal species.
SUPPORT THE APPEAL of the Planning Commission decision in January 2020.  

Letters to the Board of Supervisors

From Amanda Frye