“Based In The Southern California, San Bernardino Mountains, SOFA Exists To Act As The Thin Green Line Between Forest Integrity And Forest Destruction. “


public hearing : Church of the woods land development

October 20th @ 11:30am PST

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This coming Monday there will be a public hearing to either approve or deny
 clear cutting 17 acres of forested land for development in Lake Arrowhead
compromising evacuation routes and potentially polluting our lake with runoff.

Stop the land development

Stop the Church of the Woods Development

Public Hearing  Church of the Woods San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors AppealTuesday October 20th at 11:30am To be held at 2 locations: County Seat, Board of Supervisors Chambers, 385 No. Arrowhead Avenue, San Bernardino, California AND Twin Peaks County...

Western Oak Bark Beetle Discovered In Lake Arrowhead

In early September of this year I noticed creamy white blotches on the trunks of a twin black oak with trunk diameters of eight to ten inches. The trees are located on a neighbors property. Upon closer examination I also discovered small dark spots near the top and in...

About SOFA

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Our local mountain environment of peaks, forests, lakes and streams is an exceptional treasure found in Southern California–an outstanding place to enjoy renewal, uplift, adventure and inspiration! It is a rare sanctuary of beauty and revitalization, a refuge from the common everyday world. The Save Our Forest Association’s (SOFA) credo is: Let’s celebrate these higher values and protect the unique qualities of this irreplaceable treasure. SOFA was formed in 1988 by ordinary citizens outraged over the management of the public forest lands in the San Bernardino Mountains… Read More


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